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A London look of the day


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The thing I like about London the most is probably how photogenic the city is. I love how - on a sunny day - the light shines on the white Victorian townhouses, making it one bright spectacle. What I don't like about London is the fact that I don't actually live there. I live one hour with the train southwards on the ever sunny (NOT) southern coast. It's what you get dating a (fellow Dutch) football player I guess. Living ninety degrees south, doesn't hold us back visiting the city on a regular base though. As soon as we’re a day off we take the train or car, to swipe seaside for metropolitan life, enjoying London's finest hotspots and - on a professional level - meet a bunch of fellow ambitious fashion savvy’s. Like upcoming week which is stuffed with new exciting projects and events. I'm kinda blessed - 25% of the time that is, the other 75 it’s a hard knock life missing friends and family back home. The grass (or in our case the ocean) isn’t always greener on the other side you know. But today it is. Enjoy your weekend. 


COAT    Nicole Farhi


TOP     Zara

SHOES    Isabel Marant

BAG    Saint Laurent

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[New Guestblog] meet the Editor


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Some of you might know me, some of you might not. Fact is, it doesn’t really matter. Actually scrap that, it does in a way, but not for my exterior. I’m Anouk Bos, founder and owner of the Creators blog pact. Whilst you enjoy the quirky styles in our awesome network of premium bloggers every day, I’m in the background building our own little empire. Behind every great masterpiece there's someone pulling the strings, and in this case it’s me. From developing our website to a higher level, to contracting and supporting the fashion bloggers where ever we can, involving high impact business deals to being the Creators spokesperson for everybody involved, not to mention everybody we want to involve. Our success hasn’t come over night you know. The online business is a tough one. One week is the equivalent to one year in the virtual hub, it's like a constant catwalk of change and style, if you're not constantly on the trends you’ll miss the boat for sure. Hectic? Yes. Energetic? Even more so. I love my job for it. From London, to Amsterdam, to Stockholm, to Paris and back. And it sure isn’t boring I can tell you that.

Having such a busy schedule, why am i having this crazy guest blog you might ask? Well, I thought it was a stupid idea at first. But then our guest blogger for February postponed until further notice and since there wasn't enough time to reallocate we had to get creative (that's what we stand for, being a Creators and all). My beloved team of editors started pointing their fingers to me and for once I was totally out ruled by my enthusic staff. Thank’s a lot girls- dropped me right in it! Jokes aside, having the character that I have (people often call me The Pitbull, yes that's The Pitbull, no idea where that’s come from...) this blog has me drawn right into it. So boom. Here it is. A sneak peak in to my world dominated by twitter, facebook, html, conference calls, working late and a lot of tea (I hate coffee). Ok, ok and lot's of fashion as well. Of course… Enjoy.

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