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The key to a successful fashion blog


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SO every now and then I give lectures in blogging. And so I did this Thursday when I was in Amsterdam to teach the masterclass 'how to become a successful fashion blogger' in collaboration with the Dutch Grazia and Fontys University. People often ask me what the key is to a successful fashion blog and I always answer with the - not so promising- thought there isn't really a secret recipe. (sorry girls)

There are bloggers that have become famous for finding their niche market, there are bloggers that have been successful because they were simply on the right time and place. There are fashion bloggers that are successful because they are booming on instagram and there are fashion bloggers who are successful simply because they fake it until they make it. I do see a few 'success common denominators' though and I'm happy to share them with you: 

1. The first is having great photography skills: Fashion blogging is all about visual communication. Professional photography is therefor a must. Think about it. Do you really read fashion blogs? I often only look at the pictures to be inspired. AND If you want to make a business out of your blog the visual aspect is also very important. Brands want to work together with brands that fit their brand image. If your brand (meaning blog) doesn't fit the quality standards, brands will find you less interesting.

2. Being a marketing guru: the bloggers I know are real marketing guru's. They know exactly how to promote themselves online and offline. They are social media masters and know how to flirt with brands and stakeholders. Tip of the day: give brands you wear shout outs via Twitter and Instagram to get noticed, they might give a shout out back. 

3. Having a fashion squad: nowadays having a fashion squad is fundamental in the blogscene. Hooking up with other bloggers (preferably ones that are bigger than you) is the way to build up new followers. All the pictures of bloggers hooking up during fashion week might seems fun (and often is) but realize it's business at first. 

There are of course many more success factors. Let me know what you think and if you have some factors to add to the list. Also I would like to know what you would like to see more on my blog? More of my private life? My healthy lifestyle? More blogging tips? I'm curious. 

As for today's look. I'm wearing:

JACKET | Bima y Lola

TROUSERS | Carin Wester

TEE | Carin Wester

HEELS | Gianvito Rossi


PS: yes I could have iron my jacket and trousers but I simply don't know how to handle an iron... I hate those things.  

Happy Saturday





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TAKE MY PICTURE from GARAGE Magazine on Vimeo.


 Recently I’ve been extremely intrigued by the discussion about the future of fashion blogging. Reading Suzy Menkes’ “The Circus of Fashion” in T Magazine, the counter article produced by Queen of fashion blogging Leandra Medine Blog is a dirty word and the short movie Garage Magazine made about the the rise of "peacocking" street style stars as a result of the proliferation of blogs, really got me thinking. 

It’s without doubt the fashion blogging industry is evolving drastically. When I first dove into the fashion blogging business it wasn’t even a business at all. It was back in 2007 when the first fashion bloggers rose to the surface and a lot has changed since than. Bloggers earned name and consequently fame by the huge media attention this new industry made. But who were these bloggers sitting front row, often no fashion experts with no degree in any fashion science what so ever? 

It was when I first started Creators that RTL Boulevard – a dutch gossip/E entertainment like program- invited me to their studio for an interview about it all (didn't get broadcasted eventually though). Me, the spokesperson of the blogger’s world, the other side a bitter fashion journalist (I don’t name names) who claimed fashion bloggers received way to much credit for what they did. Since then the fashion blogger’s whirlwind has only grown bigger and stronger. Inspired by famous blogstars Elin Kling, Leandra Medine, Fashion Toast and others, new fashion blogs have popped up quicker out of the ground than mushrooms do in autumn. Amongst them sure there are some talented bloggers, often recognizable by their unique approach: in word, creativity and style. 10 of them unite on Creators, but amongst the millions of blogs, most of it is crap. Sorry for my strong words, but it’s true. 

The fashion blog industry has more and more become a world of copycats and wannabe’s. Which is a huge contradiction to it’s original nature: from a platform for personal expression to a hype everybody wants to be part of, growing from and feeding ego’s. The rawness is gone. Blogging is more than ever a copycat industry where their executors are driven by fame and name, extremely aware of the power of success and the way to get there. Writing SEO text rather than creative blog post novels, wearing outrages outfits during fashion weeks in order to get as much attention possible, commenting on other blogs as a lunatic often not even paying attention to the post itself (I once read a blog post about a blogger apologizing for the lack of posting since her mother was hospitalized- and one of her comments was ‘ Congrats, I love it…’), or hooking up with well known blogger’s in hopes your image will be lifted too. 


Don’t get me wrong. I do think there is nothing wrong with showing your style outside the Tulieries Gardens, Bryant Park NYC, or Somerset House London, I mean all the blogger’s within our network are present there too. It’s a great opportunity to network and often is good press, once you get snapped by (the right) street style photographers. If only you stay true to yourself. One commenter on Leandra Medines post Blog is a dirty word is spot on: “the past week I removed a couple of blogs from my Bloglovin feed because, on account of NYFW only, their entire wardrobes changes to ridiculous circus costumes. Whatever happened to being true to your being?” Now that’s living proof, people are fed up with fake, attention seeking, wannabe attitudes.

So how should the future of fashion blogging look like? I honestly think fashion blogs are great otherwise I wouldn’t have start this business. I cherish good blogs for their authenticity, for the way I can relate and identify to them so much more than I do with a magazine. Good fashion blogs bring inspiration, they make me want to do something whether it is to create a stunning presence of my own or reading their sharp comments and enriching my own opinion on the subject too. That’s exactly how we scout our bloggers. In practice, I do realize it must be hard for bloggers to stand out. It’s a constant battle to stay fresh, relevant and critically astute. In my opinion content is always key and if you can deliver just that you will be on the right side of the line. It is interesting to see where the industry is going. But like it goes in life, it will probably be the survival of the fittest. The ones who stay true to themselves and to the essence of blogging. We will go back to basic. Back to the blogging roots. After all the old saying goes ‘it's not about quantity but quality’.